Welcome to the 117th episode of Inc. Uncensored, hosted this week by Inc.'s editor Jim Ledbetter.

This week, senior editor Danielle Sacks talks about Inc.'s fourth-annual Design Awards package. She argues that great product design isn't just about aesthetics; it can help entrepreneurs raise money and grow their sales, too. Take Sarah Kauss as an example. The founder of S'well built a $100 million company on the premise that water bottles can also be fashionable accessories.

Reporter Zoë Henry then discusses the shuttering of Maple, an on-demand food delivery service that was based New York City, which last week sold to the U.K. business Deliveroo. Maple's closure is symptomatic of the perils of the food industry, Henry argues. Despite having attracted billions of venture capital dollars over the past decade, food startups are fast learning that low profit margins and competition make it hard to stay afloat.

Finally, executive director of editorial Jon Fine and the crew interview Ross Mason, a co-founder of MuleSoft, who took his cloud computing company public in March.

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