The 2014 World's Coolest Offices feature may have you pining for an out-of-this-world headquarters. But why should the pursuit of "cool" be limited to outside your home? It's entirely possible--and actually easy--to incorporate some breathtaking design details into your own home office. Featuring creative space savers, cutting-edge lighting, hidden nooks and hammocks, here are some sources of inspiration to get you started. 

A Pod-Like Hideaway

The coolest offices in the world come in many shapes and sizes, but arguably the smaller details are what make them all so stunning. This Pons and Huot cubicle from the 2013 package, pictured below, incorporates a glass dome around its desk, which dampens the acoustics and offers workers some privacy. Need to take a phone call, but worried about the dog or toddler making a ruckus in the background? Never fear. These "telephone domes" will block out distractions. For at home, try a pop-up sound-shade or a (far less glamorous, but still functional) privacy booth.

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Divide with Shelves 

There's plenty you can do with shelving to amplify your office aesthetic. Think bookcases with fun angles-- maybe they even double as secret doors? Or carve out some shelving around or inside of your desk, as Martha Stewart would suggest. The shelf is one of the simplest elements of an office, and it can easily chic-up your workspace.

Build Inventive Storage

Items such as the covet desk (pictured above) make for innovative space savers. Need a place to store your files? Look no further than your own surface, thus eliminating the need for ceiling-high stacks of paper.

Create a Personal Sanctuary

Some of our coolest offices make the space their own--creating an almost zen atmosphere--and you can certainly accomplish this at home, too. Think LivePerson or Capital One Labs (the latter, of course, including designated nap nooks). If you've always wanted to live in the countryside of France, why not give your office a rustic theme? Order up a chaise-lounge, or maybe an antique clock? Whatever it is that makes you tick when you're off the clock, infuse it into your workspace. 

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Get Outside, but Stay Indoors

This feature on Arch Daily is a great example of how to integrate your workspace with the great outdoors. Of course, it's quite a bit aspirational to most home-office workers. But if your current space makes you feel overwhelmed or claustrophobic, take inspiration from the great outdoors, while staying the comfort of your very own home. Think natural interior decor, or make your windows the focal point of the office. A change of scenery might just revamp your productivity, too.

Channel the Midcentury Modernists

The Herman Miller Action Office introduced modular desk units back in 1964, but these are still relevant today--see Inc.'s "Great Moments in the Cubicle's 50-Year History." Give your home office a retro feel by using midcentury furnishings, or make your own modern standing desk. 

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Remember: Simple is Chic

You don't have to go quite as elaborate as Fueled Collective to make your office uniquely cool. This "carte blanche" office, for instance--featured in Harper's Bazaar--is a great example of how keeping it simple also makes for an awesome, bright, and immaculate work aesthetic. 

Splurge for Out-of-the-Box Lighting

Light fixtures are some of the smallest but greatest features of our Brilliant Interior Designs photo essay (think: Lumosity.) Opting for something you love, whether it's hanging mason jars, or a sleek pendant lamp (pictured above) will spice up your workspace with an non-traditional touch.

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Feeling inspired yet? Scroll through Inc.'s World's Coolest Offices package for more, including runners-up with brilliant interior designs, and innovative uses of wide open space