LendingClub is weathering another series of setbacks. On Monday, the online lending firm announced the departure of its chief financial officer, Carrie Dolan, who is said to be "pursuing a new opportunity." The company also posted a second quarter loss of more than $80 million, up from just $4.1 million in the same quarter of the previous year.

As the company searches for a new CFO, Bradley Coleman, who previously served as LendingClub's corporate controller, will take over from Dolan in the interim.  

Dolan's departure comes two months after an interval review revealed that senior managers had tampered with the terms of millions of dollars worth of loans, leading the company's founder and then-CEO, Renaud Laplanche, to resign. It was discovered that Laplanche himself had deceived buyers on the platform.

Following these events, LendingClub clients asked to pull out $442 million (58 percent of the firm's assets under management,) the Wall Street Journal first reported in June.

"She [Dolan] approached us early this year about planning a transition, and in May the Board and I asked her to postpone her plans until we could navigate recent events," said the company's newly appointed chief executive, Scott Sanborn, in a statement.

Still, the move suggests that LendingClub -- which had recently made strides via a revived bond deal with Jefferies Group, and is reportedly in talks to raise $1.5 billion in debts -- is struggling to recover from its founders' missteps.

Published on: Aug 9, 2016