What's the greatest challenge facing untested business models? Inevitably, it's getting people to believe in what you're offering.

Luckily, Marcus Lemonis, the famed star of CNBC's The Profit and CEO of Camping World, has a solution.

Ali Abdullah is the founder and CEO of Claim It!, a deals app that connects businesses to local spenders by giving away free prizes from a truck (provided they watch a 15-second advertisement on their smartphones first). Since launching about six months ago, Claim It! has raised nearly $800,000 from investors, and counts just under 100,000 downloads. Unfortunately, the app has been rejected from the Apple app store twice. 

Abdullah solicits Lemonis' advice in the most recent episode of "Ask Marcus Lemonis," a weekly Inc.com video series in which a featured entrepreneur gets the opportunity to pick Lemonis' brain, asking him one question about his or her most pressing business challenge: "What would be your thoughts on how we can go about scaling up fast, and connecting with thousands of big brands?" 

Lemonis is a fan of the business model, but he cautions that real-time data makes all the difference. "I think 100 percent of the success of your ability to attract new brands is the validity of your data," he says. That means being able to show A-list retailers that your product actually works, and for other businesses. 

To learn more about what kinds of data Abdullah needs to be looking at -- from penetration rates to redemptions and more -- watch the episode in its entirety above.