Marcus Lemonis, the entrepreneur, investor, and star of CNBC's hit series The Profit, says entrepreneurs need to be constantly thinking about the future--including the future value of their property. 

"I need you to think about how you're planning to sell it tomorrow," Lemonis tells Leah McCarthy, owner of the Downtown Catering Company, referring to her upcoming real estate investment. 

McCarthy appears as the featured entrepreneur on the most recent episode of Ask Marcus Lemonis, a weekly video series. As part of the series, business owners get the opportunity to talk shop with Lemonis, by asking one question about a pressing business challenge. 

The Downtown Catering Company, based in Bluffton, South Carolina, operates as both a walk-in restaurant and a catering service. The catering service accounts for 80 percent of the revenue. Last year, the company pulled in $800,000 in sales, and McCarthy anticipates that she'll reach just under $1 million by end of 2016. 

"We are just so constrained with space," McCarthy admits, so she says she's planning to shell out $875,000 to build a new venue from the ground up. This new space should, in theory, allow the restaurant to stay open on the weekends, and thus generate more sales for the company. 

"I don't know that I would expand my restaurant hours," Lemonis says. "I would use that extra square footage to elevate your catering business." 

For more on how McCarthy can make the most of her massive investment -- with an eye toward the future -- watch the episode above.