Negative customer reviews can do serious damage to your company, and according to Marcus Lemonis, the entrepreneur, investor, and star of CNBC's hit series The Profit, it's up to you to prevent them. 

"You need to play offense," Lemonis tells Tim Cafferty, the founder of a real estate venture called Outer Banks Blue Realty.

Cafferty appears as the featured entrepreneur on Tuesday's episode of Ask Marcus Lemonis, a weekly video series in which a business owner gets the opportunity to ask Lemonis one question about his or her biggest business challenge. 

Outer Banks Blue Realty,  involves many moving parts. The business, which is based in Kitty Hawk, N.C., rents out vacation homes across a sixty-mile area of the state. It brought in $14 million in 2014, much of which was "pass-through" revenue -- meaning that the company handed sales over to the owners of individual properties.

Outer Banks handles infrastructure tasks, including housekeeping, laundry and maintenance, for the owners. "Reviews are critical to us, and I'm having a small but boisterous segment on social media complaining about something minor that went on with their rental," says Cafferty. He refers to those users as "keyboard commandos." 

Lemonis takes issue with the military terminology, and insists that it's Cafferty's job to keep his customers happy. To that end, Cafferty needs to be more proactive, with an up-front check in process as well as a mid-stay check in. 

"Asking how their stay went after the stay is over or right when it's ending is kind of irrelevant," Lemonis added.

For more on what Cafferty should do -- and how he can make the process more interactive for the guests -- watch the episode above.