Marcus Lemonis, the entrepreneur, investor, and star of CNBC's hit series The Profit, can see through Tonya Lanthier's half-hearted plan to fix her marriage by moving her business out of the house: "Moving the desk and the paper out isn't going to change your mindset," he warns. 

Lanthier appears on the most recent episode of Ask Marcus Lemonis. Each week on, a featured entrepreneur gets the opportunity to ask Lemonis one pressing question about his or her business. 

DentalPost, Lanthier's online job board that connects doctors and dental professionals, takes a fee from doctors each time they post on the site. Currently, the business reaps $3 million in annual sales. The founder says that she's most concerned about how the success of her startup is affecting her personal life.

"My husband helps me deal with some of the software, and he doesn't like it there [in the basement]," she explains. "I probably need to move it out of my house. I'm afraid to mess up my culture and my bottom line."

Lemonis says that relocating DentalPost will not only be costly, it's also unlikely to alleviate her marital tension. "What's going to prevent you from still working at home on your laptop?" he asks. "Probably nothing," she admits.  

Instead of moving, he suggests that Lanthier have a sit-down conversation with her husband. "You have to be honest with him about where your priorities are," he says. 

For more on the best way forward for DentalPost, and for Lanthier's family, watch the episode in its entirety above.