If you're struggling with insomnia, you're not alone. More than likely, the reason is linked to the lack of weight in your wallet.

A staggering 62 percent of Americans are losing sleep over financial worries, according to a new study from CreditCards.com. The data gathered from 1,000 respondents who were polled by phone. 

Anxieties over saving up for retirement topped the list for causing sleep loss this year, followed by educational expenses. Younger workers in particular are panicked over student debt (31 percent of all respondents).

The cost of health care, monthly rent and mortgages, as well as credit card debt were also found to have a negative impact on sleep. The good news is that these numbers have improved slightly since 2009, and when 69 percent of Americans saw sleepless nights.

It's unsurprising that Millennials are stressed out over money. The Federal Reserve counts a massive $1.4 trillion in student debt, which is higher than both credit card debt and auto loan debt in the U.S. at large. 

"What's unique about this generation is that the amount of debt is really high so when they graduate from college, it's hard for them to know how to manage everything-- finding a job, debt, living costs, you name it," said Joyce Serido, an associate professor of social science at the University of Minnesota, in the study's press release.

The key, notes, is to plan ahead. Make use of existing resources--such as any of these financial apps, and don't be afraid to reach out to a financial advisor for help.