Startup founders are akin to artists, says serial entrepreneur and Silicon Valley veteran Steve Blank. They both have "a bigger vision" for what they're hoping to achieve in the world. That creative drive, he notes, makes you different from the rest of the population. But it also requires a great deal of determination in the face of (inevitable) setbacks.

Blank says that the most resilient people--and likely the most successful entrepreneurs in the face of these setbacks--often have at least one thing in common: they come from dysfunctional families. They have a competitive advantage in the marketplace because they're used to managing that chaos at home. After all, he added: "There's nothing predictable about an early-stage venture."

As a startup founder, your ability to weather the unpredictable is key because your company is constantly shifting and evolving. "You have a gun to your head," Blank warns, "and that gun is called burn rate." 

Ultimately, it's important to understand that things won't always go the way you expect. Great leaders act quickly, or risk losing everything. That's why Blank thinks that military veterans also make for great startup leaders. 

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