Today, on Super Tuesday, voters in ten states flock to cast their ballots for Democratic and  Republican primaries or caucuses. The candidates have been preparing for this election season well in advance -- some having likely drawn out White House tickets as many as twelve years ago.

In fact, 62 web domain names for the possible Democratic and Republican running mates have already been registered in advance of the 2016 presidential race, according to research from GoDaddy.

The web hosting company considered a total of 67 possible combinations, based on media speculation -- pulling from sources like The Hill and the New York Daily News --as well as from on-record statements from candidates. This means just five URLs remain leading up to the election:,,,, and

Some of these tickets, it's worth noting, are pretty far fetched. At this point in time, it's unlikely that Hillary Clinton and Katherine Clark would run together, as president and vice president, respectively. The corresponding domain name,, was registered in February of 2008.

While years of foresight for a web domain may seem a bit extreme, U.S. President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden had registered the URL for as early as 2006.

Many business owners are well aware that having a solid and consistent web presence is key to growing a successful company. Planning ahead is another crucial factor. (After all, you don't want a hungry competitor to buy out your branding, or orchestrate a malicious redirect, as has happened to, for instance.)

Of course, cautionary web tales abound in the world of politics. Consider that for the better part of January and February, the domain had redirected to the Wikipedia page for Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. 

Another,, seemed to represent Republican candidate Ted Cruz, but at various points was redirected to Obama's Affordable Care Act, the Human Rights Campaign -- and, currently, to the government of Canada's immigration page. 
If you haven't considered possible knockoff web domains, or other inconsistencies with your branding, it'd be smart to do so now.