The tech industry may not be known for its savvy fashion sense, but several CEOs have popularized signature looks: Steve Jobs wore nerd glasses before they were cool. Aaron Levie sports red sneakers and suits. But it was Mark Zuckerberg who ushered in the most iconic piece in the startup wardrobe, the hoodie, which you can now spot in the hallways of just about every tech company. As Google states in its company manifesto, "You can be serious without wearing a suit," and Silicon Valley has taken that message to heart. 

Will any other item of clothing ever rival the ubiquity of the hoodie? Maybe not. But if New York's Fall 2015 Fashion Week, which comes to a close February 19, were to offer up a contender, I'm pretty sure it would be... the beanie.

A geek-chic classic, with roots in 20th-century blue-collar labor--they were initially worn to keep hair out of workers' faces--the hats were ultimately adopted across U.S. college campuses in the 1950s. They've never really gone out of style but they became a legitimate hot commodity this Fashion Week. 

The hat appeared across iconic brands like Lacoste, Public School, Ovadia and Sons, Karen Walker, and Timo Weiland, in greys, blues, and greens. Even off the runway, hordes of New Yorkers were donning beanies in between events in an effort to stay hip while braving the Manhattan cold. In fact, as many of the top designers are proving this year, style doesn't have to mean sacrificing comfort: Plenty of models were also sporting boots, sweaters, loafers, and slacks on the runway. 

I predict it's only a matter of time before we start seeing Snapchat's Evan Spiegel, or even Zuck himself, wearing a knit hat like the one pictured. After all, even hoodies need to be accessorized.